just letters

the one about halloween

dear silly girl,

you made out like a bandit last night.

i’m pretty sure you had a method for collecting candy. if there were 3 people sitting together to hand out candy, you expected all 3 to put a piece in your bucket. and that’s exactly what they did. you walked away from the trunk or treat with more candy than any of your cousins.

after the trunk or treat we tried a neighborhood that gives out candy, but it was already too late. we headed to gran’s and mema’s instead because of all the people to visit, they’re the ones we go see. i always trick or treated their houses last when i was little and you are doing the same. and besides, they gave you almost as much candy as you got at the trunk or treat. and they had the good stuff.

speaking of all this candy, it’s on top of the refrigerator right now. you haven’t asked for it even once. i plan to put it all in a bag and use it as prizes for the next few months. i also think we’re going to give half of it to brandon who didn’t get to trick or treat very much. he was pretty sad about that today. that’s what a D on your report card will get you. sadness. lots and lots of sadness.

in other news, i did not get to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and i am very disappointed. what kind of goof balls have it come on only one time, at 8 pm on halloween night? but i digress. there’s always next year.


love forever,




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