just letters

the one where you tell me you’re not my friend

dear silly girl,

right now you are standing in the corner telling me that you’re not my friend no more. i am sitting in my chair with my back to you, laughing and trying not to cry. not because i’m sad. just because it’s funny.

the reason you’re in the corner is because i told you to tell daddy that you were sorry for throwing a pen at his face. it was your idea to get in the corner.

casey, you better tell daddy you’re sorry. you hurt him.

no! i go get in the corner!

fine, go get in the corner. 

i’m not sure why you standing in the corner is suppose to hurt me, but in your head it totally does.

i’m not your friend no more!

fine! we’ll see who’s sorry when you don’t have anyone to serve make-believe cupcakes to later!

this lasts for all of 2 minutes or so. then you come up beside my chair and try to make up with me.

i’m not mean no more, mom. 

you hurt my feelings.

no, i not hurt your feelings. 

and that’s that. you go cuddle up with daddy on the couch and i stay in my chair, writing you this letter, so that years from now you will know what i was really thinking while you were putting yourself in the corner and threatening me with a lack of friendship.

joke’s on you kid: it cracks me up.

for now.

love forever,



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