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the one about mama’s chemistry final

dear silly girl,

in approximately 40 minutes, i will be taking my final chemistry exam. i feel like i’m going to puke.

this has been the one class that i have struggled in since coming back to school. it didn’t surprise me either, because chemistry was also hard for me in high school… 10 years ago.

so until i get this grade and know what the damage is, i probably won’t write very much. i’ll be too busy not eating, feeling queasy and irritable, and wishing for a painful sickness to befall those who felt like chemistry was a necessary class for a future dental hygienist to take.

taking the high road, i am not.

i am relying on your father to feed you, dress you, and keep you entertained until i am over my panic-induced disorder. i wish you well, kid. it’s gonna be a lot of mismatched clothes and macaroni for you.

i will resume my mothering duties immediately following the receipt of a grade. in case of an emergency, i am placing a bag of marshmellows close to the edge of the kitchen counter.

love forever,



2 thoughts on “the one about mama’s chemistry final

  1. I admire you for taking a class that I have actively (and successfully) avoided my whole life. Good luck and I hope your mind and body both survive it and maybe even happily surprise you. On the upside, there’s always a good chance of laughter when someone else is “mothering” your child. Like when my toddler kept falling for “some reason.” I looked down and saw that her Dad had put her shoes on the wrong feet.

  2. ha ha! we’ve had one of those moments as well! and i wish i could have successfully avoided this class. it is of the devil. 🙂

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