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the one about final chemistry lab grades, birthdays, and thanksgiving

dear silly girl,

i got my final lab grade. still don’t know what i made on the actual final exam, but my final grade in lab is a 91! that’s an A! it’s a thanksgiving miracle!

i can’t get too excited though because lab only counts for 25% of my grade and i have a B in lecture unless i tanked the last horrible test we turned in yesterday. i have decided that i will live no matter what. and i will never, ever, ever take another chemistry class again.

let’s see… monday was my 28th birthday. more people remembered this year than ever before. a few of my friends remembered, you and daddy remembered, and most of my extended family remembered. that’s all i ever really want. i don’t tell anyone that it’s my birthday because i think it’s more special for someone to just remember. daddy took me to panera to get my favorite salad. it was super good! and i managed to wiggle out of some of my responsibilities by saying “but it’s my birthday.”

… tomorrow is thanksgiving. we love thanksgiving and the older i get, the more important it is to me. a black friday kind of girl, i am not. i made four pies today at gran’s. i talked two other family members into making things i like: squash casserole and orange slice cake. i talked one family member out of making potato salad because it’s just not her gift, and talked gran into making it instead. because let’s face it: all recipes are gran’s gift. the woman just has the touch. it’s a lot of enticing, but someone has to do it.

daddy is super stoked about the parade tomorrow and the fact that a modern family marathon will be playing all day. we may never see him again.

we’re going to watch the parade, visit family, and spend the rest of the day in a coma. your new doc mcstuffins dvd arrived today so we’ll probably be watching a lot of it. i’ll be busy reading cooked by michael pollan and blissfully ignoring the fact that i have 3 finals next week. i am forcing myself not to do anything school related tomorrow, but after that it’s on.

but before i worry about that, i want to take a minute to tell you what i’m thankful for this year.

i’m thankful for our family, our friends, and the sweet people who have helped me out this year.

for good health, a warm home, and food in the kitchen. for running water, working cars, and a yard to play in. for good grades, mostly not-crazy teachers, and a grandmother who doesn’t mind watching you so i can go to school.

i’m thankful for all the time i’m getting to spend with you this year, for our big, wet-nosed fur baby, Biscuit.

for daddy having a good job, for you having new teeth, and for daddy not being sick anymore thanks to his surgery.

i’m thankful for hospital staff who helped appeal a huge bill our insurance didn’t want to pay, for new tires, good neighbors, and a library full of books.

i’m thankful for people i can count on to pick me up on the side of the road when my car decides to throw a fit, for sweet tire-shop owners who replace a new tire that ends up with a nail in it for free, and for having good contacts.

i’m thankful for sweet smiles, funny words, big hugs, and even a little bit of attitude, which all come from you. i’m thankful for everyday that i get to have you. for every bit of love and sweetness you give me. and i’m thankful that you got a good bit of hair this year.

i’m thankful for daddy and the jokes, coffee creamer, cellas, and love he brings me. and i’m thankful that he takes out the blasted trash each wednesday and that sometimes he does the dishes without being asked. i’m thankful that he plays with you, watches you while i do homework, and that he goes to work everyday. and i’m thankful that he’s my best friend.

i’m thankful for more things than that, but there’s too many to write. i think i got the most important ones. i hope when you get older that thanksgiving and taking the time to be thankful will be more important to you than a good deal. not that it’s bad to go out on black friday, but just wait until friday. none of this thanksgiving day crap.

well, i’m entering my napping, eating, and reading bubble. i wish to not be disturbed until friday. i am submitting my request now.

happy thanksgiving!

love forever,



3 thoughts on “the one about final chemistry lab grades, birthdays, and thanksgiving

  1. Happy “A.”
    Happy Birthday (my daughter’s is Nov 26th)
    Happy I’m not alone in thinking Black Friday should leave Thursday alone.
    Happy you have so many wonderful things on your list.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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