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the one about getting out of the house and perfume

dear silly girl,

i’m going to have to start making a concentrated effort to get out of the house.

i used to hike and run and do all sorts of things, but lately i feel like i’m becoming an appendage of the couch. it’s disturbing.

the problem is, sometimes i want to go alone. that’s not something i’m allowing myself to say. i love you more than life itself and would gladly die for you in the event that something horrible ever happened, but sometimes, i just want to walk around the block all by myself. just to clear my head and leave the confines of these walls.

i thought about bundling you up to go to the park earlier, but didn’t because it’s 46 degrees outside. {i can hear joanna laughing and rolling her eyes from here. she’s in montana where the high is 16 degrees and the low is zero.}

i just feel like we need a change. or like i have attention deficit disorder. i’ve only been out of school for a little over a week and here i am, bored as ever. don’t get me wrong, i love sleeping in. that part is worth it’s weight in gold. but the rest of the day kinda lags.

i folded 3 loads of clothes today, we colored a box when our boredom reached it’s peak, played in your playhouse, and watched some cartoons.


it’s not horrible or anything. i just need things to do.

i’m going to drag you outside as soon as you wake up from your nap. maybe we just need some vitamin D.

… jennifer brought me a Christmas gift yesterday, after i told her not to. and i’m not gonna lie, i absolutely love it. she got me some aromatherapy stuff from bath and body works which is the only thing i really like in that store.

i’m lying, i like their kitchen soaps and candles. but other than that, just the aromatherapy stuff.

she got me the stress relief aromatherapy luxury bath, body cream, and sugar scrub, i’m guessing because i give off a stressed vibe in general. i can’t help it if everyone decides to call me during finals or after a medical procedure has been performed. but that’s besides the point.

the scent is eucalyptus and spearmint and i’m really loving it. at first i thought it smelled a little masculine, but now i just think it smells fresh. i don’t usually attach myself to certain scents because i’m picky, but i may now be a fan of this stuff.

perfume is really important to me. it’s a silly thing to attach importance to, but i do. i have two favorite perfumes, one for spring and one for fall, and they are both expensive, one more so than the other. i think i’m particular about perfume because i attach people and memories to smells so well.

i can smell certain perfume or cologne and feel exactly like i did when i was with who wore it. i’m sure most people have this talent. and it doesn’t even have to be perfume.

i can smell campho-phenique and automatically think of gran. scented baby wipes make me nauseous because it conjures up memories of soy formula spit up.

for anyone who remembers the 80s / early 90s, a wiff of the perfume exclamation makes me think of my mom. as a result, i liked that perfume far after it was cool. drakkar noir makes me think of my dad, pleasures for men by estee lauder makes me think of papa, any oceany body spray makes me think of my best friend from high school, and cheap ol’ morning glory body spray from calgon makes me think of middle school. daddy hasn’t worn the same cologne long enough for me to attach a smell to him yet.

i never forget a scent.

so i’m choosy about what scent i would want to be remembered by.

so i’ll tell you the ones i like. they may change, but probably not, unless the formula changes. i like romance by ralph lauren in the spring and jadore by dior in the fall.

there you have it.

if you ever want to smell like me, this is what i wear. you think i’m weird now, but just wait until you are in your 20s, far away from home, and you run into someone wearing it.

you’ll think of me.

then again, this could just be the cabin-fever talking.

love forever,



2 thoughts on “the one about getting out of the house and perfume

  1. Haha..I didn’t roll my eyes but I did giggle!! 🙂 this last week we were actually -35 and yesterday it hit 20 something and it felt so warm..it’s suppose to get in the low 40’s next week..so thanks for sending us your “cold” weather..we will take it!:)
    Scents so take me back as well!! Although I used the stress relief b&bw stuff in college, so now when I smell it I am instantly thrown back into my form room, with a nasty hangover, and stress about some school test,.haha. Victoria’s Secret pink, I believe does the same thing..
    I find it a little bit disturbing when walking through a store etc..and a guy passes by me wearing what an ex wore..and I don’t care if I am completely focused on whatever I was doing! Because the moment I get a whiff..I am immediately transported back to dating them again and all the emotions I had towards them whether good or bad! And when it’s good..I bet there have been the guys wearing a old favorite that thought I was a crazy lady for looking at then dreamily, or following them around for another whiff..if only I could tell them..oh sorry I’m acting weird, you smell like my ex boyfriend…one that I liked…would it be weird to ask for a hug? No? How bout a Chest bump? Ok just rub whatever part of you had the cologne on it on me and we’ll call it good!…you put it where!!? Ok never mind..well maybe…..no! Nevermind!:)
    Drakkar noir is what one of my exes wore..he was a bit in the 90’s still!
    I personally am trying to find my scent..I was a big fan of juicy..but that almost reminds me of partying and care free..
    My aunt gave me a little bottle of Noa which is what I wore in hs..and the funny thing is..it didn’t bring back anything!!! I must have erased all those memories..or all the alcohol in my early 20’s did..haha:) either way it was probably for the best.

  2. I completely understand! I can smell car spray that one of my high school boyfriends sprayed in his truck and suddenly i’m back in the passenger seat. Same goes for cologne. I hate the perfumes I wore in high school for these same reasons. I don’t want to smell them and think about who I was dating / sneaking out to meet. haha! so there goes ever wearing Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret. I used to wear Pink, too. ha! As for you accosting men in stores, if you decide to do it, please send me the clips from the local news network! ha ha! I’ve never seen anyone whose been arrested and been able to say, hey! i know her! ha ha! As for your -35 degree weather, i would die. Then again, maybe not. You survived summer here so as long as I only went from a house to a car, I could probably handle it. And I’d need an Eskimo’s wardrobe. 🙂

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