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the one about jingle bells

dear silly girl,

your first favorite Christmas song is jingle bells, and you jam it out. you don’t perform a sweet, innocent rendition when you sing it. you break out an enthusiastic, shouting, fork-banging performance!

your favorite place to get down is in the kitchen. you pull up my step-stool, grab two metal forks, and rock out on the kitchen counters.


jingle all the way!

oh what fun, it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh.


HEY! is your favorite part, of course. there’s a lot of fork banging as you scream HEY! 

so far, it’s my favorite part of this Christmas.

love forever,



3 thoughts on “the one about jingle bells

    1. Yes! I just don’t post them since people started stealing pictures and videos of kids online. I wouldn’t trade them for the world tho!

      1. You are right about posting them. I was curious if you did video or record them. One of my sisters did that now and then with her kids and it’s fun to look a them now for all of us.

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