favorite things

the one about Christmas 2013

dear silly girl,

here’s the shake down:

  • i could not keep daddy away from the pioneer woman cinnamon rolls i made for the neighbors and the super-sprinkle cake mix cookies for santa.
  • on Christmas Eve i made 2 pumpkin pies, 2 buttermilk pies, a coconut cake, cake mix cookies, and toll house cookies.
  • on Christmas Day i made sausage balls and more cake mix cookies.
  • i’ve gained approximately 45 pounds this month.
  • you weren’t as super excited on Christmas Day as i thought you’d be. we had to wake you up at 9 a.m. so you’d open your gifts. you would have slept all day without a thought about the gifts under the tree.
  • you have talked about Santa bringing you skates since October and when you got them, you’d have thought they were a tube of toothpaste. you remembered that you really wanted them later on though. 🙂
  • we put so many miles on daddy’s car this past week that i’m thinking about trading it in. but not really.
  • i don’t know why, but as soon as i wake up on December 26th each year, i remove every little hint of Christmas in the house.  i’m always super excited for Christmas every year, but when it’s over, it’s over. the tree is sitting on the back porch waiting to be taken to a lake to become a fish habitat at this very moment.
  • we’re moving so i packed up almost the entire house today and rented a storage unit. i am nothing if not a doer.
  • my friggin car would not crank last friday when i walked out of the last store i had to go to for Christmas shopping. sooo i had to have my car towed. again. it’s only been a month since the last time. this time, i was so pissed i cried. i still haven’t heard from the repair people yet.
  • you’ve been in a terrible mood the last few days. i think it’s because of all the travel and excitement. it’s turned you into the slightest bit of a demanding brat. i’m hoping tomorrow you will nap and become my normal sweet girl again. we Smith girls do not handle ourselves well on less than 10 hours of sleep per day. 🙂
  • as much as i love Christmas, i love new years more. it’s my favorite holiday. i love the entire thing. the resolutions, the fireworks, the confetti, Dick Clark’s new years rocking eve and the ridiculous things the performers wear, and the desire to eat salads and drink carrot juice for the rest of our lives. it’s the most wonderful day to me. a fresh start, a reason to make a list, renewed hope for a better year.

i have high hopes for 2014, but i’ll save all of my reasons why until next week. i hope you had a great Christmas, because i know we did. i don’t think you’ll remember it, but you had fun. we saw lots of lights, ate way too much, opened presents, and celebrated the gift of life that only our Savior could give. we visited with lots of family, and i only had to drink one giant cocktail. it was a success!

but your joy will always be the best part of Christmas to me.

i love you.




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