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the one about a new year {goodbye 2013}

dear silly girl,

at 12:00 p.m. tonight, 2013 is officially over. THANK GOD!

i don’t know a single person who has had a good year this year. that’s ridiculous. unfortunately, this hasn’t been our year either. but in 3 hours and 45 minutes, we have a new shot.

as i mentioned before, i love new year’s eve and day. i know it’s just another day, but my mind resets like a calendar. suddenly, it’s an empty clean slate. it’s a new year to do better, to be closer to where we want to be. it’s full of hope that life will be happier and less havoc-riddled. it’s a chance to start over, forget the bad, and to go some place new, literally or figuratively.

2014 is full of promise.

you will turn 3 this year. you will grow by leaps and bounds.  you will learn all kinds of new things and use them against me, i am sure. and you will grow more hair.

there will be new celebrations, a new summer garden, a new place to live, a first vacation to take, and a new school {for me}. everything in the forefront is good.

i’ve written down my resolutions. i am armed with 3 new year’s shows. i am trying to figure out who the heck Icona Pop is. {oh never mind, i’ve heard them on commercials.}

and at midnight, i will toast daddy and then try to get you to go to sleep so we can be up early in the morning to finish moving.

even though you don’t know it, another year of your life is about to begin.

and it’s gonna be great! i just know it.

and i know everything.

happy new year!

love forever,



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