just letters

the one where i’m back

dear silly girl,

it’s  been almost a month since i’ve written, but we’re finally adjusted to our new space and ready to take on new things. you’re growing by leaps and bounds. all you want to do is stay outside. you barely play with toys anymore because digging in mud holes and chasing the dog (s) is so much more fun. 

you LOVED the snow we had this past week! we walked on the icy road, went sledding, tried to build a snowman, made snow balls, walked down to the pond, and attempted to keep biscuit out of it. you and daddy have also been riding brandon’s dirt bike and that fills your heart with joy. daddy doesn’t even have the chance to consider riding it alone because as soon as you hear it crank up, you’re out the door. 

meanwhile, i’ve been taking advantage of our porch swing and studying nonstop. not that it’s doing any good. my classes this semester are rough. i’m studying more than ever and can’t seem to make higher than a B on a test. this is stressful for me. i’m used to As and i need them badly. this being my final semester before applying to my program, i’m finally in competition. i’m competing against 8 other girls for 3 spots in the hygiene program. my only advantage is my grades. and grade point averages are the last thing they consider. the first thing they want is “points.” for different classes you take, you get a certain number of points. you get more points the higher your grade in the class is. the problem with this system is that someone who is willing to take classes beyond what is required will have more points. i’ve already been taking classes for two years just to do what is required. not everyone has the time (or money) to take a year of extra classes to get in. and someone with grades that aren’t as good as mine can get in ahead of me if they have more points. getting the maximum amount of points because of my grades is my only shot.

i think this is stupid. but it is what it is. 

my professors this semester have been just this side of crazy, and i even had to work my persuasive talents to get switched from one professor’s nutrition class to another. i had to drop another humanities class as well because my load was just too big. it’s been weird. 

so until april, i’m afraid i’m rather distracted. to balance all of this studying out, though, i have big plans for some pretty cool activities for you. your birthday is next month and since you seem to be anti-toy at the moment, we’re buying you experiences instead. a pony ride, a trip to Skyzone, a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, and the Greenville Children’s Museum. i have a few other things planned, but i’ll get around to them later on. 

for now, it’s bath time. i can smell the Mr. Bubbles from here.

i love you like always.




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