just letters

the one about waking up, teachers with weird pants, and finding new parents

dear silly girl,

you’re asleep right now. you have this WONDERFUL habit of sleeping until at least 9:30, but sometimes as late as 11:00. this works out well for me. my body wakes up due to the blaring sunlight coming through the curtains that i cannot seem to block no matter what i do naturally wakes up at around 8:00 everyday. this gives me a little bit of time to myself.

i sit on the couch with a cup of coffee, The Story, and jennifer’s dog, duchess, rolling around in my lap. i get to wake up slowly which is a blessing because i am not a morning person. when i worked at the dental office, no one spoke to me until around 11:00. not that i was mean or anything, i just wasn’t chatty and my face didn’t know how to smile before then.

…i have a quiz this morning on the heart. i’m not looking forward to it, but i feel prepared for it. after the quiz, we’re having to double up on our lab stuff because we’ve missed two classes thanks to our wacky winter snow storm weather.

i’m going to be cutting something up. probably a cat. they are my least favorite thing to hack into.

last class it was a heart. i’m not sure what animal it came out of, but for some reason, i was elected to chop it to pieces.

my lab teacher is a nice man who favors john travolta (from the good years, pre-plastic surgery), but who hikes his pants up ridiculously high for his age. i always thought that was more of a 60+ kind of thing, but this man has them higher than any senior i’ve seen. and i can’t stop staring. i just can’t wrap my head around why he thinks that looks good and why his wife lets him out of the house like that. it seems like she would tell him where his waist is.

he’s from new jersey, though, so maybe that’s just how they like it. i dunno. i just want to know at what age this sort of thing becomes acceptable. the day daddy starts pulling his jeans up to his belly button, i’m locking him in the house. it’ll be time for retirement.

…i’ve decided to try positive self-talk to get me through the rest of this semester. so far, it’s turned me into a downer, which i normally am not. i’m not happy with it. so i’m gonna walk around talking to myself about how i can do this and if i don’t get into the dental program, i can just sleep late for a year, and all that jazz.

i told daddy last night that i had resigned myself to just staying home forever, and being a desolate, poor, waif of a woman.

he said he was going to look for you a new mommy.

he said it out loud.

so you, ya little echo, said, “yeah, let’s look for a new mommy.”

thank you for the support.

so i burned a whole in daddy’s head with my eyeballs and sent him to his room.

but daddy’s comment backfired on him a little while later when you got mad at him.

you marched into the kitchen, where i was, and said, “let’s find a new daddy.”

so apparently, we’re both replaceable. if you weren’t so cute, and completely stuck with us, we’d go find a new two-year old.

but, not really. there’s no other child in this world who could tell me i’m weird and it be adorable.

there just isn’t.

love forever,



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