just letters

the one about candles, microbiology, dental exams, and relaxing

dear silly girl,

i’m on the hunt for a candle. not just any candle, though. a candle that i can actually smell. what is it about having animals and children that makes your nose stop working or just makes it impossible to smell anything except them?

at one point in time i spent a bunch of money on yankee candles. the problem was, i couldn’t smell the stupid things once they were lit.

now, you would think my house must be a hot mess if i can’t smell anything for the children and animals, but that isn’t the case. i have a mild case of clutter and cleanliness OCD so you could all but eat off the floor. but i can’t smell these stupid candles no matter how sterile i get the place.

so, i’m researching candles that smell good.

because this is what my life is.

mundane questions that really don’t matter that i cannot stop thinking about.

sometimes i think my mind is purposely looking for a distraction so that i won’t think about microbiology and slapping the red off of my professor whom i abhor. he says stupid crap like “i’ll give you guys a study guide if you email me this weekend and beg me for it.” and then just sends a list of the objectives we already have. hardy har har har har. or when you ask (during a group activity because apparently we’re 12) if he’ll tell you if the answer you think is right is in fact correct, he responds with “maybe i will and maybe i won’t.” 

he makes me think bad words.

and makes my friends text me bad words.

there’s just a lot of bad words being thrown around. but not in front of you, of course.

he’s apparently in a band and plays a few clubs on the weekend. since he’s such a jerk, i hope he never becomes famous. because then he’ll just be a famous jerk and we have enough of those.

… i took you for your first real dental cleaning today. you did awesome! you didn’t cry or panic at all until you saw the hook thingy the dentist feels your teeth with. you immediately associated it with captain hook and said, “don’t do that. don’t do that!” but you didn’t cry. you were such a big girl. you have one teeny tiny spot on one of your teeth at the gum line, but due to your age, we’re just putting fluoride on it until it falls out.

you walked out of the dentist’s office with a wand, a ring, and a dolphin bracelet. you lost the ring by the time we got in the car, and i have no idea where the bracelet is at this point. and the wand is… well, it was free.

… as usual, i’m overloaded with school. the good thing is, i’m half way finished with this semester. i had my first midterm friday in my microbiology class. it was horrible.  i have a nutrition test thursday, my second micro test monday, and the anatomy midterm tuesday. i’m gonna be glued to my books for the rest of the week and the weekend. i just hope it’s nice outside so you can run around while i’m trying to remember where all the blood vessels are located in my dissected cat and what polymerase chain reaction is. do i care about any of it? no. but it’s something i’ve gotta do.

… when i do have a minute, i’m watching every episode of how i met your mother straight through. there is nothing more relaxing than that.

well, maybe watching how i met your mother while getting a foot rub and sipping some spiked pineapple juice would be more relaxing, but let’s just count how often all three of those things coincide.

uh, never.

but maybe i’ll make plans for them to. and maybe those plans will take place on a day when i finally reach my lowest point and draw pictures of my micro teacher with horns and a tail.

i’m pretty sure he’s satan.

love forever,



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