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the one about parties

dear silly girl,

your birthday party is today! we’ve been counting down to it, and you are oh so excited!

i, on the other hand, have a love / hate relationship with birthday parties. i love planning them and buying all of the crap for them. i hate dealing with the invitees. some people rsvp, some don’t. some family members get along, some don’t. some people are jealous that you talked to other people more than them. some people didn’t like the cake. it’s all just drama.

the best part of any party is the honored guest. that’s you! your face will light up and you will tell everyone thank you for everything because you’re so just so freaking excited and happy that people are there celebrating you. i’m so excited for that part!

the one way that you are different from me is that you love attention. and that’s probably a fairly common trait for kids your age…. 3! you love everyone watching you. you love asking people if they like your shoes. or your pigtails. or your shirt. or showing them your boo-boos.

and i love that about you.

so since i love and hate children’s birthday parties, i have come up with a short guide for throwing them and it goes like this.

1. serve cupcakes. (what demonic imp doesn’t like cupcakes?) when you can, decorate them yourself. and i’m not talking about squeezing the icing out of the bag and picking the right tip and all that jazz. i’m talking sprinkles. keep it simple.

2. serve finger food. (i.e. no silverware.)

3. have parties at home when you can. this really cuts down on your need to invite everyone you know. and all of your stuff is there in case you forget something.

4. always have balloons. as many as you can stand.

5. don’t spend a ton of money on party favors. seriously… the kids are just gonna lose the stuff in the car anyway. or break a tooth. (your favors are rock candy)

6. resist the urge to overdo. sadly, no one will remember all of the little details of an overdone party except you. and for the love of all things pure, keep it simple so that you can enjoy the party, too. you are entertaining little people who chase each other with boogers on their fingers. they don’t care that you made the confetti yourself.

i hope you have a great time today. i’ve just finished making your cakemix cookies and am now off to hustle you into the tub. for my sanity, everything on party day has a time. at 12, i’ll be shopping for a new shirt. at 2, paying someone who’s been sucking on helium to blow up my balloons. at 3, picking up cupcakes. at 3:30-ish, decorating them with a ton of sprinkles. at 4:12, standing in the lobby of the skating ring waiting to bust in at exactly 4:15 since they won’t let me in even a second earlier.

it’s gonna be awesome.

you’re gonna be thrilled.

and that’s all that really matters.

love forever,




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