just letters

the one where you’re 3

Looking at the kid that made me wanna kick a nurse.

dear silly girl,

today, you are three! i can’t believe it!

but then again, i can.

it’s been a full ride these past three years. and they’ve been wonderful! you really are my sunshine!

i told aunt jennifer i was thinking about waking you up at 11:45 tonight.

jennifer: you gonna wake her up and sing to her?

me: no. i’m gonna wake her up and say, “PUSH HARD! PUSH HARD!” which is what i was hearing at 11:45 on march 17th in 2011. 

i still despise that nurse to this day.

when are they gonna learn that when you’re pushing every 10 seconds, you ARE pushing hard? pushing the air right out of your body.

i kept it together. i didn’t even cut my eyes at her.

then, daddy thought he’d be supportive and say, “yeah, honey, just push hard.” to which i snipped, “I AM PUSHING HARD!”

he meant well. but he wasn’t the one who was deprived of oxygen and trying to convince a princess, who was quite comfortable where she was, to come out.

but that’s neither here nor there.

you were born on st. patrick’s day (just for joanna) at 11:45. they played lullaby music in the lobby as soon as you came out so everyone would know you had arrived.

they should have played rock music. or starships by nicki minaj (your favorite song).

you are a celebration every single day.

you are joy.

you are my lucky charm.

happy birthday, baby!

love forever,




2 thoughts on “the one where you’re 3

  1. Oh happy birthday my dear sweet Casey!! (I know I’m a day late-damn time difference!) I can’t believe you are 3 already, I remember exactly where I was when I got the picture text from your dad, late that st paddys night!! (It was 5 moves and 3 states ago:)(no contrary to popular belief I am neither a gypsy or running from the law, or in the witness protection program..-although sometimes I wish I could volunteer for a new life…oops..I’ll save the deeper posts for your later teen years..haha:)

    Ya know My future children may never get that you will always have a special spot in my heart by 1st being born to my twin from another mother..and 2nd for being born on my most favorite holiday!!
    I am going to have to start Getting some momentous occasions on your moms favorite holiday or birthday..since we already share anniversary and birthday..maybe I could plan something for nov 25:) hmm..9mths from now..just kidding..
    Although I think that would be a slightly funny story to tell a future child..well [[hunny you were conceived 9mths from your auntie Amy’s birthday..(wait who’s auntie amy..remember mommy has been friends with her for 20 years now..come on oprah-reunion show!:) so because auntie Amy has chosen some pretty awesome days for celebration I decided i needed to catch up!
    Plus mommy gets along really well with Sagittariuses!
    Ok well that makes sense..but can you tell me again why you named me Princess Consuela banana hammock..
    Well I hope you had a wonderful day!!
    Love “auntie” Jo;)

    1. ha ha! Thank you! And if November 25th doesn’t work out, you could always cook up a shotgun wedding on my favorite holiday, the Fourth of July! I’m glad our favorite celebrations aren’t the big ones. It makes our planned (and unplanned) occasions so much more original! lol So back to the shotgun wedding… just meet some stranger, tell your daddy you’re getting married, start doing some chores and then just leave, make plans to meet at the courthouse, and buy some lingerie at Walmart. That’s all you’ve gotta do. Then I’ll be surprised and dismayed, but I’ll never forget it! And the fourth of July is hot, ya know, so your hair will already be frizzy and your skin sweaty. The perfect accessory will be a fan made out of paper and a paint stick.

      Scratch that.

      Just go to Vegas and have Elvis marry you and we’ll call it even. 🙂 Just don’t tell me it’s happening until the day of or the day before. That way it’s a surprise. 🙂

      Casey had a good birthday and we’re well on our way to terrible 3s. 🙂 I hope you had a great Saint Patrick’s Day! I miss the pictures with the wigs! 🙂

      Love, Amy & Casey

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