just letters

the one about spring break, a lost boy, and mini coopers

dear silly girl,

today was the last day of my spring break. it wasn’t much of a break though. aunt jennifer laid out of work half the week so i was never alone, i had to be gran and papa’s chauffeur to and from the hospital and doctor’s office {which is where i assume i caught this awesome cold!}, and when i wasn’t doing all of that, i was keeping up with school work and trying to keep you out of the mud. i don’t exactly feel rested.

anyway, i went to a consignment sale today where i had to help a little boy who couldn’t find his mommy. he drove up to me on a barbie volkswagen bug and informed me that he didn’t know where she was. i had no idea what to do. so i stood there asking him questions like where was the last place you saw her? or does she have dark hair?  the whole time i was thinking stuff like  do i walk around and help him find her? will someone think i’m kidnapping him if i do? where in the devil are the people who work here?

the one question i did ask that made some sense was what’s your name? the problem with that is that i couldn’t understand what in the world he was saying his name was. and i’m guessing the employee we tracked down who paged his mama couldn’t understand him either because instead of saying something like will alex’s mom come to the front please? she said please look around and make sure you have all of your children with you. if you don’t, please come to the front. 

i thought that was funny.

anyway, eventually his mom noticed he was missing and came to the front to collect him. but back to the barbie car. after he had to vacate the car to locate his mom, you decided that if he could drive it, so could you. i had let you sit in a power wheel-type vehicle before, but as soon as you realized it moved, you were outta there.

this time, it was game on. you drove that little car all over that warehouse. you mostly watched where you were going, but i was a little concerned about your driving future when you almost caused a pregnant woman to lose her toes. luckily, you let off the accelerator before you ran over her.

but back to my point: you had a ball driving that car. the only problem was, they were asking $75 for a used car with jacked up barbie stickers and i couldn’t find the power supply. so it was not the purchase for us.

but suddenly, i had to have one. i say because you would have never thought about that car again, but i just needed to see you ride in one again. so we picked up daddy and took a trip to toys “r” us, and ended up walking out with a pink mini cooper. you’re sitting in it in our bedroom right now.

now, i never, ever make purchases like this. i never just randomly decide to drop money on a big toy like that for no reason, so this is an exception. it may not happen again until you’re 18 and i finally give in and buy you a hoopty, so you better get my money’s worth out of it. i expect to see you driving this to school your sophomore year. sure it will look a little strange, but your classmates will already think you’re weird when show up wearing pigtails and jelly shoes. just tell ’em your mama dressed you.

one day you’re going to be really thankful that i don’t always get my way.

but i hope for now you’re happy that i did.

love forever,




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