just letters

the one about kindergarten

dear silly girl,

your cousin jacob is starting kindergarten this fall and it has me all in a tizzy. why? you ask. because i’ve seen the list of the things kindergartners are suppose to learn in the first nine weeks and i’m stressing! there’s a lot of stuff!

all i learned in kindergarten was the alphabet, how to write my name, and to glue macaroni on construction paper. other than that, we played all day, took naps on red and blue mats, and played in stacked tires on the playground. kindergarten was fun!

now kids need to know how to write their name, the entire alphabet (big and small letters), how to count to 20 and recognize the numbers, be able to follow multi-step directions, and be able to pass the SATs. and if you believe some blogs, if they don’t get all of that down right quick, they’ll be behind and working at the steak and shake for the rest of their lives.

{eyes wide open, mouth on floor, head beginning to ache}

i do have a plan for helping you learn all of this, but i’m not really sure how or when to start. some websites say that you will start recognizing letters this year. some sites say you will be able to tell credit card companies your social security number.

i bought a bunch of melissa and doug alphabet stuff at the consignment sale i went to this weekend that i think will be fun to use, and i still need to purchase some cookie cutters and felt letters. right now, the plan is to teach you a letter per week while still singing the whole alphabet song and watching a bunch of alphabet cartoons. thank God for abcmouse.com and all of their letter cartoons on youtube. they’re going to be a lifesaver.

i’m contemplating buying an ipad mini so you can play the abcmouse games and stuff, but i haven’t decided yet. i have a mixed opinion about kids and technology, but apparently you will be using them quite a bit in kindergarten. did i mention that there was no such thing as a classroom or home computer when i was in kindergarten? there totally wasn’t. i’m pretty sure they were still using “word processors”. look it up. it was a real thing.

anyway, i’m going letter A crazy right now. there are plans for cookies, for crafts, for painting, for tracing, for making letter A sounds obnoxiously.





i hope i do this right, and i hope it works. i don’t want you to struggle.

and i don’t want you to be working at jack in the box when you’re 50.

i didn’t know so much of your future was hanging on you learning the ABCs.

but you’re smart, and i’m entertaining.

we can do this!

love Always,



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