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the one about 10 good things right now

dear silly girl,

to keep you (and myself) aware that there are always good things in life, i’m going to start collecting them and listing them here for you. here goes.

1. brownie brittle – i’m pretty sure this was sent from heaven by Jesus himself. if you haven’t tried any, please gather your children and your things and get in the car. it is sold at cracker barrel and toys “r” us.

2. anjelah johnson – if you haven’t heard or seen her stand-up performances, you are really missing out. stop doing that. you can rent it from amazon.

3. instagram – really self explanatory, but if you hate facebook, instagram might be for you.

4. fajitas – i mean really. can ya go wrong here? i don’t think so.

5. salads – this is all i want to eat from now until october. thank you very much.

6. beethoven’s moonlight sonata – i listen to classical music on pandora when i need to relax. this one is my favorite. don’t be so shocked. our stations aren’t always tuned to country.

7. spring break – it’s wonderful while it lasts.

8. old dogs – nothing better. i’ll take an oldie, but goody over a puppy any day.

9. good neighbors – ms. pressley, my ex-neighbor, called me the other night and i miss her so much. she really is the sweetest lady in the world.

10. pigtails – adorable and hopefully permanent for the next few years.

it’s a short list, but it’s a start.

always look for the good things.

focus on the good things.

love forever,



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