just letters

the one about Easter and things that are annoying me

dear silly girl,

the school week is over! thank God! it was a rough one. 3 tests and a quiz. but now it’s all weekend for me! i still have 2 papers to write, but that beats having to study for 3 tests any day.

i’m going to read, eat soup, write papers, clean house, and dream about a cake that i remember eating that had coconut and cream cheese in the icing. i think it was my mom’s, but i can’t really remember. gran wants coconut cake for Easter, and i want whatever that cake was. hopefully i can remember it.

i’ve got to get the lead out on this whole Easter thing. i don’t have the first egg bought or planned. i want to do prize eggs this year, but if i don’t get it together, there won’t be any eggs or things to put in them left.

and i have to find a sparkly, silver bow for your hair. your Easter dress is coral with silver sparkles on the skirt. matching corals do not exist. the only shop i knew of that sold bows, and could have possibly had the right color, closed down. i blame their over-priced boutique children’s clothes that no mother with sense would buy while living down here. children don’t have to roll in the dirt. it just jumps on them. and i’ll be danged if i’m going to pay $70 for a top with leggings that’s just going to get dirty.

… i got some new glasses this week and i’m feeling pretty smart. i even feel like other people are looking at me and thinking i’m smart, and that has me worried. the weirdies who hang out near the drink machines keep looking at me funny. i think they’re trying to figure me out. i think glasses may be  their gang sign and they’re thinking about swearing me in.

… apparently, right now it’s some trend to say something along the lines of “she’s my spirit animal” when you like someone or think they are like you.

don’t say things like that. it sounds ridiculous.

another thing that’s bugging me is people saying “and i was like…” why can’t they said “and i said” ? i walk up the steps to school and i hear i called toby yesterday, and i was like, “toby, are you coming to the game?” and he was like “yeah” and i was like “okay, well can you pick me up?” and he was like “i’m already taking carly” and i was like “oh, okay” and he was like “don’t sound like i just crushed your dreams” and i was like ” i don’t sound like that” and so on and so forth. it hurts my ears and makes me agree with toby for not wanting to pick her up.

… will someone please tell me what the deal is with guys wearing little shorty-shorts? maybe this is just a southern thing, but for the past 2 or 3 years, guys have started wearing shorts that are higher than their knees. some of them are wearing them way higher. think mid-thigh. it’s disturbing. unless you have beautiful tanned legs, your shorts shouldn’t be that high and never mid-thigh.

it’s uncomfortable.

and while i’m at it, stop with the pastels.

… well i’m off to watch percy jackson and the sea of monsters with you for the millionth time. i don’t know why you like this movie considering your age, but you do. you know everything about it. we drive down the road and you tell me that the trees need to turn back into kids. it’s an odd conversation.

tomorrow i’ll tell you about your favorite songs. some of them are kind of odd, too.

i love you, ya weirdie.

love forever,





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