just letters

the one about terrible threes


dear silly girl,

are you still in there?

can you hear me when i’m talking to you and you just can’t respond because the aliens have taken over control of your brain? do you want to do what you’re told, but it’s just simply out of your hands? is it demons? should i call the local pastors in the area and have a special service for you?

i don’t know what has happened.

one day you were Casey. my precious, angelic, only child.

the next day you were… this. whatever this manifestation of willful disobedience’s name is.

i’ve started calling you Loki.

sure he was my favorite character in Thor (seriously though… who didn’t think he was the most awesome and lovable bad guy ever?), but he was still a giant pain in the tail! he was petted, spoiled, clever, sneaky, and completely unpredictable. just like you!

when you first wake up, you are Casey. you are my friend. you smile at me. you tell me random things that i assume you just finished dreaming about. you are a pleasant little person.

and then suddenly, Loki appears. you write on the walls, carve (!!??!!) into the dining room table with an ink pen, and tell me you don’t love me. or you don’t like my shirt. or you love daddy (not me). or go over there, mom. or WHERE’S MY CUPPPPPP!!! Ahhhhh! {insert tantrum like yelling and whining that rides my one and only nerve.}

i’m still trying to find the reservoir of the disease that has infected your brain. i don’t remember leaving you outside with poisonous bees, giving you brown water to drink, having any supernatural spiders hanging around the house, or making you have siblings that you feel the need to compete with.

i’ve racked my brain and cannot find just where i must have gone wrong.

so i’ve decided that it’s not me, it’s you. i didn’t change. i am still exactly the same as i was yesterday.

but you have changed. you’ve morphed into an other worldly being.

and i love you no matter what you do, but i’m seriously ready for this new alter-ego-you to PACK HER DUDS AND GO BACK TO HER HOME PLANET!

that’s how serious this is. i used all caps.

all i want is for you to be a happy, healthy little kid.

i’m not pressuring you to know how to read or multiply at 3. i’m not expecting you to take care of yourself already. i’m not ignoring you or making you stand on your head all day.

all i want is for you to come back home.

defeat the demons, Casey Leigh.

tell the aliens that it’s just not working out.

accept Thor and live your life, Loki.

when you decide to be my girl again, i’ll be waiting for you. i miss playing tea party with your ponies instead of let’s whip the dogs and growl! no one likes that game, dear. especially the dogs!

if i need to buy candles and a cd with monks chanting for the exorcism, just let me know.

i’ve got the anointing oil ready and me and Jesus have already been in discussion.

i’m ready when you are.

love forever,





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