just letters

the one where this semester is ova!

dear silly girl,

i take my last final for this semester tomorrow! yay! are you as thrilled as i am?

it’s for my nutrition class so it’s gonna be super easy and i’ll spend all of about an hour studying for it. i managed to make an A in my last anatomy class and am just waiting on king dirt bag, a.k.a. my microbiology instructor, to grade the final that i turned in on monday. as long as nothing stupid happens, i have an A in there as well. and i definitely have an A in nutrition.

why does any of this matter? because i had to turn in my dental application with guesstimated grades. i thought i’d get As, but with micro it was all fair game. not because the material was hard (which it was),  but because the instructor was king dirt bag.

to help you understand how much he is disliked, you should know that for a section of our final, we had to create the perfect bacteria to cause a pandemic and people were naming that bacteria after him…

dirt happens, i guess.

but it is over! hooray!

so now i’m basically doing whatever i want to because for the first time in 3 months, i can!

… i just got caught up reading blog posts on the two blogs that i actually read in my feedly. i liked (hit the star) several posts on one of the blogs and now i’m worried that she’s gonna think i’m a stalker. or that i didn’t actually read her posts and just got click-happy. but i did. i really did.

when you’re in school full time, you have to read so much crap that you don’t actually care about that you have no time to read what you like. and i like to read. so tomorrow, to celebrate my emancipation from the semester from hell, i’m going to go to school and sell them one of my expensive biology books back, go take my nutrition final, and then i’m headed to books-a-million.  {have i ever mentioned that daddy and i met at books-a-million? well, now you know.} i’m going to pick up delia ephron’s newest book, sister mother husband dog. i want to see what she has to say about her sister. and i may even hit starbucks for a white chocolate mocha.

i’m so excited!

{you: really, mom? it takes so little.}

and a new book will be a great distraction while i wait to hear if i am accepted into the dental program. i’ve been nothing but nauseous since i turned that application in. i don’t even care at this point what the answer is as long as i have an answer.

… we’re about to go on alphabet overload as well. this will  be the first summer in 2 years that i will have plenty of time to teach you stuff and be all crafty. and did i mention we’re going to take a weekend trip to the beach? we totally are. it will be your first time going.

speaking of the beach, i kept bringing it up in conversations with you and you seemed less than thrilled.

we’re going to build sandcastles!

we can find seashells!

we’ll play in the water and eat pizza and it’s going to be so awesome!


then when i brought it up for the 14 billionth time, you said i don’t wanna go to the beach. there are zombies in the water.

and that’s the story of  how i went to jail for sending my cousin, breanna, life-threatening text messages.

{okay, so i didn’t go to jail, but she’s a dispatcher so i probably could have.}

she told you about zombies and sharks while i ran to the store with daddy one day.

you wanted to stay with aunt jennifer and i let you. breanna came to visit and became the worst story-teller of all time.

and if i was as mean and conscience-lacking as she is, i’d tell her 3 year old about Soap Sally, the lady who makes soap out of children’s bones and has alligators in her pond that she feeds the rest of them to. {it’s a local thing}

but i won’t because i’m not.

but i may just drop breanna off there if i drive 5 hours to the beach and you don’t have a good time.

gran tried to drop all of us off there when we were kids, but she always came back to get us.

i won’t be so sweet.

i may just drop daddy off down there right now if he wakes you up while yelling at his video game!



i tell ya.

love forever,



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