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i hate my sister’s dogs

dear silly girl,

for now we are still residing with aunt jennifer and brandon. it has not been fun. it was for the first month maybe, but now it’s really getting old. this is something i will never, ever, ever, ever do again.

brandon drives me insane because he’s going through his tween/disrespectful brat phase. jennifer drives me crazy because she’s lazy and doesn’t do housework. but my biggest reason for wanting to move far, far away as quickly as possible are her dogs.

i hate it that i’m hating her dogs, but it is a fact. i’ve had many conversations with her about taking them to a rescue. but let me explain why.

she has two pit-bulls named jager (for jagermeister) and duchess. i am not one to classify and stereotype a particular breed of dog just as i wouldn’t do that with an entire group of people. i’m not scared of them. they love me and at first, i loved them.

here is my issue.

they are the most destructive dogs i have ever seen in my life. and i used to work at a kennel!

jennifer used to have them inside until i kicked them out when she left for a week while papa was having shoulder surgery. they would tear up everything. shoes, toys, blankets, trash, clothes, you name it. and no matter what she tried, they could not get toilet training down. even when they were in their crate at night.

once they were left with me, i couldn’t take it anymore. outside they went. they’re outside during the day and in their crate at night. and now that it’s warm, their crate is located outside on the porch. and guess what? they’re fine.

except they’re still destructive.

let me give you a list of the things they have destroyed:

your princess ball

tassels on your new tricycle

something under jennifer’s car

cushions on the porch swing

cushions on the patio set


your cowgirl boots (inside)

your tinkerbell skates (inside)

my plant

jennifer’s comforter (inside)

my blanket i let brandon borrow (inside)

jennifer’s new tennis shoes (inside)

your dolls’ hands (inside)

jennifer’s flip flops (inside)

flowers from the cemetery across the road

and about a bajillion other things.

it’s out of control.

and to top it all off, duchess seems to love rolling in cow crap in the pasture near the pond. what kind of dog does that?! it’s disgusting. duchess also likes to try to bite anyone within 100 feet of the house that she doesn’t know. they’ve all been family so far, but that’s not okay.

aunt jennifer has been working 2 jobs for a few weeks. she forgets to feed and water the dogs. she forgets to let them out to potty. she can walk right by them when she gets home and not spend any time with them. all of the care-taking responsibility has fallen on me. she won’t even remove ticks that get on them almost everyday because it freaks her out. so i have to bust out the tweezers and take care of that, too. i rake up the things they tear up in the yard, run after duchess when she’s going after papa or mama’s boyfriend, and feed and water them several times per day. i sit on the porch swing with one under each arm. jager thinks he’s mine.

my point is this: it’s perfectly fine to love your dogs and to have dogs if you are going to take care of them, but if you can’t (or won’t), dogs are not for you. they take time and a considerable amount of responsibility. if you buy them/rescue them, they are your responsibility. if you can’t commit to spending time with them everyday, remembering to feed and water them everyday and more than once per day, and be vigilant about cleaning up after them when they make a mess, you should look at other pet options.

fish. guinea pigs. a chameleon. something that doesn’t require a lot of work.

know yourself. know your schedule and know your limits. be able to make the decision that is best for the pet. 

i do have one rule for you though: no snakes, spiders, dragons, alligators, possums, or porcupines. and no exotic, dangerous, crazy pets like those nuts who have cheetahs or panthers on leashes or lying in their beds. it’s a mistake. don’t get anything that’s going to put you on the news for being eaten.

be smart, my girl. make good choices. make considerate choices.

and if you’re going to get a dog, get one like biscuit. she’s a good girl.

love forever,



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