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ramblings of school, bloggers, mema’s divorce, and the ABCs

dear silly girl,

the crazy has begun once again.

i logged into my school email today to discover that my online summer class started 2 days ago. i had the start date confused with the greenville tech start date. yay, me! but it’s all good. i was able to finish everything that was due in about an hour.

my professor included an audio clip telling us about the class. he may be the most boring, monotonous teacher ever. right behind the economics teacher in ferris bueller’s day off (played by ben stein). and he rambled on for 15 minutes.

i thought i was avoiding this very thing by taking the class online.

anyway, the class is going to be super boring, and i really feel like it’s super pointless, but technical colleges have gotta get an extra $500 somewhere, so.

… i follow a couple of blogs through a site called feedly. i’m beginning to realize that with the exception of about 2 of them, everyone i follow is living in la-la-land.

it’s national chocolate chip cookie day. make this beautiful spring wreath in 5 easy steps (you just need 14,000 things to do it).  Chat with the casserole queen. 

i think everyone is just bored.

but then, maybe not. sometimes i think, where do these people find time to care about these things. 

i wish i could care about national chocolate chip cookie day. it’s a holiday i could really get behind. but i also think it’s kind of ludicrous.

if everyday is a holiday, then nothing is special.

… mema (my mom) got divorced yesterday. i wish there was a website that would inform you of the correct number of marriages / divorces that a person has had, because i’m not completely sure what number this one is. i thought it was #7, but there is dispute among our family about whether or not she actually married one or two of her exes or if she just wore the ring. the facts are a little foggy.

… i started teaching you your ABCs this week. we’ve had puzzles, foam letters, movies, and cartoons for a while now, and you’ve got the song down pat. but we’re taking it letter by letter now. this week, we did A (duh, mom, first letter). you’ve got it down pat. we walked out of the store yesterday and there was a big ATM sign. you pointed to the A and said, A is for Amy! filled my heart with joy. it is sinking in!

we have colored, painted, and glued construction paper to letter As. big and small. we have played puzzle games, flashcard games, cutout letter games, magnet games. we have watched the letter A cartoon by ABCmouse.com off of youtube 487 times. i wake up in the middle of the night singing hooray! hooray! hooray for A! 

we’re really focused.

but i have a mild case of ADHD and get bored easily so i’ve also made cloud dough, goop (ooblek), a marble race track out of a pool noodle, and bought you safety scissors to cut with. and it’s still not enough.

i need glitter, cotton balls, beads, stamps, whatever i can get my hands on to mix this up!

and we’re just on the first letter.

thankfully, you are quite entertained. you like it so much that you ask me if we can do our letters again when you get bored. God bless you, child.

… at this very moment, you are with aunt jennifer at brandon’s school eating lunch with him. you begged to go! and i thought it would be cool for you to see what an actual elementary school is like. i hope you stay as excited as you are right now when it’s your turn to go.

jennifer sent me a picture of you eating your school lunch: pizza, chocolate milk, pretzels, and yogurt. i think the lunch ladies may be pregnant. that is a weird combination in my opinion.

but the weirdest (or should i say most deathly embarrassing) thing happening at this event is that aunt jennifer wore sweat pants for the occasion. at her son’s school, in front of all of his friends and classmates. i asked her to put on jeans. do it for the children, i said. but no. she would not comply.

so i make this promise, right here and right now on this 16th day of May, 2014: i promise to never, ever, ever wear sweatpants when i come to eat with you at school. and i promise to always wear a bra when picking you up and dropping you off just in case my battery dies and i am forced to exit the vehicle.

you have my word.


i should really get in the habit of having a point when i write you. a moral in every post. i just seem to bounce from topic to topic without a real point.

you should know that this is also how i talk and it’s probably not normal.

i’ll work on that.

love forever,



2 thoughts on “ramblings of school, bloggers, mema’s divorce, and the ABCs

  1. Happy Belated Nat’l Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. I may have to go the bakery later in your honor. And congrats on getting a “A” with your daughter on the whole alphabet thing. When my daughter first learned the ABC song she misunderstood L-M-N-O-P and instead would proudly belt out, “Ella, Elmo Peeeeeeee.” Because that cracked me up, it was a while before I corrected her. Clearly I do not get an “A” here 🙂

  2. That’s adorable! I would have a hard time correcting her, too. 🙂 And yes, eat a chocolate chip cookie just for me! I would make some myself, but I can’t stay out of the chocolate chips. 🙂

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