just letters

kindergarten anxiety

dear silly girl,

i have a confession: i am not a fan of teaching you your alphabet or numbers.

we’ve made it to letter F. you’re still singing your ABDs. {yes… ABDGILMNOP…}

it’s a real pain. i try to be patient. i try to come up with 100 activities to do this. and i think i do pretty well because you usually remember the letter.

but alas, it is not my favorite thing.

i’ve been reading lately that it’s more important for you to be prepared socially than to know all of your letters. if that’s so then why do they hand out a chart of skills for parents to practice with their children all summer before they start kindergarten?

half of what i read makes me feel like you will be fine. you don’t know a stranger, and you’re definitely not shy. the other half of what i read makes me stress out about everything. will you be able to carry a lunch tray? will you make it through a day without peeing on yourself because you get so distracted and excited that you forget to go? will you be able to remember to pull your undies up before pulling your pants up so that they’re not all bunched up and showing a cheek? will you talk about hoo-ha’s and butts at every opportunity? {i don’t know what it is, but kids (you) are notorious for talking about this. you told me in a public bathroom one time that you liked the color of my hoo-ha and i thought i might just live in the bathroom forever until the ladies within ear shot had most definitely left the store or gone on to gloryland.}

anyway, my point is that everything online is confusing and only makes you feel worse most of the time. i don’t know anyone with any sense yet that has a child in school. or that has recently had a child in kindergarten. your cousin is starting school next month and if his mama can keep it together and not freak out and decide to home-school him out of fear, i’ll learn more. i’ll know just a little better what to expect.

i think i’m going to have you try out for K-4 next year. i’m not sure if you will get in, though, because down here most kids that are accepted into K-4 are the children that need socialization. some forums say it is nothing more than state-paid babysitting. i don’t want that. if you’re not learning there, i don’t want you there.

when i was in kindergarten, all we did all day was color a letter of the alphabet, sing a song, learn to write our names, glue macaroni to stuff, and play all day. that is not how kindergarten goes today. i want you to do well from the very start and just want to be able to prepare you for everything that i can. especially since the state takes it upon themselves to start separating the “smart” kids from the “not-so-smart” kids in elementary school.

one question: how in the heck do they know which kid is smart? what exactly is taught differently to these children than the “not-so-smart” kids? how can the “not-so-smart” kids get smarter if they are separated and taught differently?

it’s all so confusing and frustrating.

love forever,



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