just letters

dang ragweed

dear silly girl, 

it started with a blood-shot eye. i was getting ready yesterday morning and was about to put in my contacts when i realized my right eye was red. no need to exasperate an already irritating situation, so i threw on my glasses and out the door i went. 

i felt fine most of the day until last night. something hit the switch and suddenly my nose can’t stop running and my throat is sore. 

but it’s find. {hardy har har}

i don’t have time to be sick. i almost never get sick. i am proud of the awesome immune system i usually have.

but dang that ragweed! 

i cut grass this past weekend and i figure that’s when it snuck in. i knew i should have made my nephew get off his butt and cut the flipping grass, but no! i’ll just do it all by myself, all the time!

and do you see where it gets me?

sitting in bed with my mouth hanging open because i can’t breathe for all the snot-slinging. it’s not a pretty picture, and it’s not suppose to be. it sucks. 

moral of the story: let someone help you sometimes. preferably during allergy season.

or make someone help you who usually sits around on his butt all day, doing nothing, and telling you how tired he is because he’s 11 and had gym for 30 minutes, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

sometimes i really wanna smash his iPad.

but that’s another story. 

love forever,



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