just letters

no life

dear silly girl,

you are asleep so i wanted to steal this minute to write you a quick note.

i currently have no life.

my every waking moment is filled with going to school, completing school work, completing pointless projects, coloring teeth, writing upside down to practice with my dental mirror, and studying for 3 tests and 2 quizzes per week. i am not even kidding.

when we’re home, i’m doing school work. when we get up, i’m studying note cards. and when i’m at school, i’m trying to keep up and venting with the other 29 people who are in the exact same boat.

i FINALLY got to do something today that didn’t involve text books and tests, though! we have to shadow the senior students 4 times this semester, and i shadowed an awesome girl today who taught me how to sterilize instruments and clean disgusting, germ-infested traps in the operatories. and you were excited about this, mom?  totally. it sure beats standing around like an idiot for 3 hours.

i’m pretty sure i bombed my radiation test today, though. i didn’t have enough time to study for it as i was too consumed with other tests and quizzes, and only had 2 days to prepare. unfortunately, anything less than an 80 in my program is failing.

i’m praying for an 80 tonight.

on a 40 question test, i can only miss 3 or 4, and i had little stars marked beside about 4 questions. all i can do is hope for the best and buy a bottle of wine if it doesn’t turn out like i have planned.

but anyway, you’ve been wonderful. you’re finally letting me go to school without guilt trips or hassles as long as i find you a snack or make you breakfast before i leave. and of course, i love doing that for you! i made you scrambled eggs and a piece of dry toast this morning before i left gran’s. you were happy as can be, watching power rangers, much to my dismay.

i hate power rangers, but that’s a story for another day.

i’ve just turned in my first project, filled out a report on my shadowing experience, and finished writing upside down. i’m not even kidding about that last part. i took a picture to prove it.

i just wanted to tell you that once i finally get my life back in about 6 months, i’ll do a better job at writing you letters.

i love you.

tired and missing you,

your mama


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