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dear silly girl,

there is nothing better than october. it is the perfect month. well, at least here it is.

we’re only four days into it and the weather feels amazing. given, it’s 9:11 in the morning, but this is the season i wish would stay longer and never does. it’s cool outside. the wind is gently blowing and acorns are hitting roof tops. i slept with the window open for heaven’s sake. it’s absolutely wonderful.

maybe we wax poetic about autumn because it is so blisteringly hot here during the summer. we love it, but we’re just as happy to see it pack it’s bags and leave.

i’m outside on the swing at the moment, soaking it all in. i swear some of these acorns are going to puncture holes in one of these tin roofs. i. love. it. papa’s tahoe is parked on the side of the house which means he is down at the pond in a tree stand. bless his heart, he’ll probably never shoot a thing down there thanks to all the cows, horses, and dogs that like to roam around the pasture beside us. but i don’t think that’s the point. i think the point is being up in a tree in perfect weather without any distractions. the observation is the best part.

but i could be wrong. i did see the man “clean” a turtle for a few hours and then cook and eat it. ya never know.


you have been hooked on watching the most adorable little cooking show on youtube called nerdy nummies. therefore, all you want to do anymore is bake.

mama, let’s make something.

mama, let’s get sugar and flour out. 

mama, what can i make?

every. single. day. i keep having to explain to you that we do not have the ingredients or the time to bake everyday, but we will bake as often as we possibly can. that chat turned into baked pumpkin french toast last night. you helped me pour each ingredient into a big bowl and mix everything up. i poured it over the italian bread and put it in the fridge. mama, what can we make now?

so we made a strudel topping to go on top of it. i woke up before 9 this morning to go put it in the oven. i no more than got the pan out of the fridge when in the kitchen you came. wide awake. mama, what can we make? you helped me pour the strudel topping on the bread mixture and then i put it in the oven. mama, i’m so hungry.

this week we’ve whipped up brownies, hot fudge cake, and now french toast. you’ve also helped me crack every egg i’ve needed and were thoroughly disappointed when i had nothing for you to do. jambalaya doesn’t require any egg cracking. you were disgusted.


you’re outside on the swing with me now.

it feels so good out here. mama, this is the best day. 

i couldn’t agree with you more.

love forever,



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