just letters

sleep is good

dear silly girl,

hello, dear. i hope you’re having a great day at whatever point in life you are at. presently, you are fast asleep on the couch. you’ve been asleep since about 6:36. it’s going to be a long night.

unfortunately, you have inherited your mother’s inability to function without a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. you need much more than that right now, but if you don’t get it, it’s ova. for everyone.

you had a great day at gran’s, and you were in a wonderful mood when i promptly arrived to pick you up at 3:45. however, something happened to you as soon as we exited gran’s magical-children-calming-aura. it’s like you were suddenly aware of how tired you were all at once and you decided to “unleash the kraken.” it’s bewildering just how rapidly your little mood changes.

so i let you pass out for both of our sanities.

you have an appointment in the morning at your doctor’s office and then we are going to start our jam-packed weekend. your appointment is at 8:30 a.m. {what is it with the universe not wanting me to sleep?} i truly hope you don’t wake up at 10 and decide to party all night long. i will simply have to go to sleep and hope you don’t burn the house down. [for any pretentious readers out there: this is a joke] but i will gladly be that mom and stick you in front of a movie while i give in to my sleep-demanding eyelids. they just can’t take it after a while.


tomorrow night, daddy and i are going to see daddy’s friend, colton, play with his band, Meliora, at Ground Zero, a rock club in spartanburg. this means that i am going to go stick out like a sore thumb while watching a bunch of grown [and probably inebriated] men play air guitar and hug a lot. it is quite simply, the darnedest thing. i have never seen so much male-bonding as i have at rock concerts of any kind. i encourage you to go to at least one in your lifetime, if for nothing other than to people-watch the freaks and see the gym-rat man-dancing that goes on. it’s awesome!

saturday is your day. we are going to celebrate fall until we are sick of it. we’re going pumpkin-picking that morning, followed by the fall festival at church, followed by pumpkin-carving and caramel-apple-making. and i may mix up some caramel apple sangria, but that’s neither here nor there. it’s going to be fabulous! i hope. i think you’ll have a ball.

if you hadn’t been so tired and ill tonight, we were going to take you by this house in easley that has halloween lights synchronized to music.  i hope they always do this because it’s super cool. once we finally get our house built, i plan to invest in a similar set-up just so i can pop out of the bushes at people who stop to watch. that’ll be a trick for ’em!

well, my little darling, i am just as tired as you are. i think i’ll plop down on the couch opposite you and look at pins or research what book i want to read next.

or maybe i’ll just flake out and watch an episode of blue bloods on hulu before going to sleep.


that may be the best word in the entire universe right now

you had the right idea, peanut.

good night.

love forever,



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