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Thanksgiving 2014

dear silly girl,

it’s Thanksgiving Day! our favorite. i love a holiday that’s all about food and naps. who doesn’t? i’ve been up since before 7 drinking coffee, getting dressed, fixing my hair, and waiting on the parade. i like to be prepared so that when it comes on, i don’t have to move again. except to pee, probably, thanks to all the coffee.

i finished all of my cooking yesterday so that all i have to do this morning is heat up yeast rolls. pumpkin pie and deviled eggs are ready to roll, and i am ready to eat! So excited!


29. i turned 29 on tuesday. the very last year of my 20s. i’m working on a bucket list of things i’d like to do this year before i hit 30. i always thought people who whined about turning 30 were insane. when you’re 20, it seems so far away and no big deal. but when it’s your turn, you can’t help mourning the fact that your youth is slipping away. not that i’m old, but i’m not young anymore.

one of the girls in class this week, whom i love and who is 25, said to me, they say 30 is the new 20.

to which i responded, no, it’s not. the older you get, the fatter and meaner you get. it’s not 20.

thankfully, she thought that was funny. and it’s kinda true. though i hope i won’t get too mean. i think it’s the need to suddenly reduce sugar and worry about wrinkles that drives the bitterness. if i get crabby like that, just pass me some Dove chocolate. i’ll recover.


well, it’s time for the parade my dear. i’ve got to wake you up so we can cuddle and wait to see charlie brown and santa. this is the best day!

i love you.

thankful for you always,



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