just letters

finals week

dear silly girl,

i have five drafts that i’ve started writing to you and just haven’t had time to finish. even when it seems that i’m slacking off writing to you, i’m not. my brain has just oozed out of my ears and is in a puddle on the floor. i can’t figure out what the heck to clean it up with.

this week is finals week. i have five of them. joy, joy. i’m basically flying by the seat of my pants this week and hoping for the best. there is so much material covered in this program that it’s impossible to study for these classes like you would prerequisite classes.

and i’m fighting my brain’s stubborn decision to refuse to absorb anything else. it’s put out a detour sign, bright, orange cones, and is sending the mental traffic elsewhere. i’m at the point where i can literally stare into space or watch old movies from the ’50s and not be thinking about my phone, pinterest, school work, or anything else. i look brain dead at this point.

and i’m really struggling to care.

it doesn’t help that i can pass my classes if i can just make a 30 on the finals. i’ve worked hard to be in this spot and it’s kind of letting me off the hook a little. not that i have any intention of making 30s on my finals. it’s just nice knowing that i’ll be just fine if i do.

anyway, i’m thinking about you always. i’m ready to get this week over with so that i can actually get a tiny bit of Christmas spirit and spend lots of over-due playtime with you. after thursday, it’s on! we’ll be jingle-belling all the way!

i love you, little girl,

you are my sunshine,




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