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dear silly girl,

this day comes and i do pretty much the same thing every year. i write down a few resolutions (i call them goals because i’m not really resolved to do but one or two things), i clean the house, and i wish i had thought to buy tequila and margarita mix.

i don’t know why, but i always forget to prepare for celebrating new year’s day. what’s crazy is, it’s my other favorite holiday besides Independence Day. i love fireworks! i’m so happy to live in a state where it’s perfectly legal to buy them. i like that it’s just a day to celebrate and be optimistic.

right now there isn’t a whole lot of celebrating for us on my favorite holidays because you are TERRIFIED of fireworks. not so much fireworks as the loud boom they make when they go off. your reaction is up there with what i assume mine would be if i were locked in a room full of snakes. it’s horrific. so no fireworks for us.

this new year’s eve was pretty boring. we stayed up doing much of nothing and i read for awhile after you went to bed. way to be all rough and rowdy, i know.

anyway, i have really only one major goal this year and it’s kind of hilarious to me. my new year’s resolution is to have more fun. that right there may make me the biggest dork to have ever been born.

i’ve recently come to realize that i’m fairly boring and it’s annoying me. i read and listen to people sing covers of popular songs all melodically pretty much all the time. there’s not a lot of excitement around here as far as i’m concerned.

dad is worried that i’m about to go all mid-life-crisis on him, but i’m not. i’m going to save something really out there for my mid-life crisis like becoming a nudist painter or something. i’m just kidding so don’t start sweating it.

but seriously, i need to do things. this is the last year of my 20s and i’m about to start the roughest semester of my program. if i don’t make myself plan for fun, it won’t happen. i think my biggest problem is that i need to make myself socialize more. dad has kind of rubbed off on me and contributed to my hermit-ness.

my first start toward doing something fun is registering for the Color Run. it looks awesome and i think it will be fun to play in all the colors. i just feel this overwhelming need to do stuff to make me feel. i want to have stories of my own to tell you. i’ve been so wrapped up in work and school the last few years that i’ve really just puttered out.

and that leads me to kind of an addition to my goal. i am finally going to rid myself of the friends that i have that i don’t like. isn’t it stupid to have “friends” that you don’t actually like? some of them i did really like at one point, but change happens and suddenly, there comes a point where you hate having to do anything with them.

so in revision, my goal is to have more fun this year with people i actually like! instead of feeling like i have to be my people-pleaser self and socialize with people that just don’t make me happy anymore.

2015 is going to be a busy, rough year for me personally thanks to school, but i want the rest of my time to be as happy as possible. and i think that will only help me be a better mother to you, too.

so here’s to being positive and having fun!


love forever,



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