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i hope

dear silly girl,

this letter is going to take awhile. i’m just going to keep adding to it until i think it’s finished because i have high hopes for you. some of my hopes are just simple things. some of them aren’t tangible. all of them are what i want for you.

i love you, little girl.

i hope you read for pleasure.

i hope you try to play an instrument. any instrument. even if it’s just the recorder. i am a fan of the piano if you need an idea. 😉

i hope you write. write anything. your story, made-up stories, any story.

i hope you choose friends over boyfriends when you know you should.

i hope you take naps. never take sleep for granted. it will be all you can think about when you have kids.

i hope you go to college after high school. do it while you’re young and relatively worry-free. it’s so much easier then.

i hope traditions matter to you.

i hope you date for a long time before getting married and having kids. growing up is inevitable. once you’re there, you’ll wish you had slowed down on the major things.

i hope you learn how to cook things that don’t come out of boxes.

i hope you go to the beach with your best friend before you settle down.

i hope you come home every Christmas.

i hope you stay in touch with at least one childhood friend.

i hope you remember your grandparents.

i hope you know how beautiful you are, inside and out.

i hope you know what to take seriously and what to disregard.

i hope you love to laugh and all things associated with doing it.

i hope you don’t make fun of other people. it’s one of the worst forms of meanness.

i hope you know that nothing good happens after 1 a.m. go home.

i hope you’ll keep your house clean. never know when company will show up.

i hope you’ll keep your doors locked and be safe.

i hope you won’t let your heart put yourself in danger.

i hope you give up junk food sooner rather than later. but not pizza. never pizza.

i hope you find a career that you care about. it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make you rich.

i hope you remember to change the oil in your car and buy new tires when you need them.

i hope you’re a girl’s girl.

i hope you have a best friend and that you’ll be a best friend.

i hope you know how strong you are.

i hope you remember to pray even when things are good.

i hope you eat strawberry waffles with whipped cream on Saturdays.

i hope you prefer being outdoors to being holed-up in the house.

i hope you have manners. even if you’re teased for them.

i hope you have few secrets and few regrets.

i hope that when you do have a secret, you know when to keep it and when to spill it.

i hope you go to concerts. all kinds.

i hope you celebrate your birthday every year. even when you turn 30, 40, 50, and so on. balloons and cake required.

i hope your husband is your best friend for life.

i hope you’ll accept failure as a learning experience and move on from it. life is not set in stone.

i hope you have opinions about everything.

i hope you sing. loud.

i hope you recognize it when you fall in love, and i hope you fall hard.

i hope you know deep down that when your heart is broken, it will heal. even when it feels like it won’t.

i hope you’re happy with who you are. it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. they don’t live inside your head or your heart. don’t ever apologize for being you.

i hope you’re humble. even when you’re great.

i hope you do something to help people who are suffering. if you suffer, and i hope you don’t, start there.

i hope you won’t use credit cards unless it’s an emergency.

i hope you’re honest no matter what.

i hope you’ll give without condition.

i hope you’ll forgive. it’s not easy and sometimes it won’t seem possible, but try.

i hope you’re not hooked on social media or anything computer-related for long. read something, make something, go somewhere. don’t watch or listen to other people do things or say things. it’s only a highlight reel and more often than not, it isn’t real at all.

i hope you don’t wear pajamas or wrinkled clothes out in public. not even to wal-mart.

i hope you use your health insurance and go to doctors such as dermatologists and gynecologists when necessary. trust your instincts if something doesn’t seem right.

i hope you go to therapy if you need it. it’s not weakness.

i hope you have a reputation for smiling.

i hope you’ll call me often and come see me when you can.

i hope you will be kind.

i hope you balter from time to time.

i hope you shine apologetically.

i hope you know you are loved. just as you are.

love unconditionally,



3 thoughts on “i hope

    1. Thank you so much! They really are the best! Just checked out your blog. I’ll be reading to see what’s going on with your sweet Dumplin! 🙂

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