just letters

spring break

dear silly girl,

i’m on spring break and this is the happiest i have felt in months. i have very little school work to do so the majority of my time is being spent on enjoying the things that i’m usually too busy to do. meaningless, wonderful, time-wasting things.

today, i planted succulents. i love them and would have every window sill in the house covered in them if i could. you helped me put them in the pot and loved mixing up the potting soil.

i was able to take the time to look up how to make cannoli, how to plant bell peppers, and to just sit around and read. right now, i have a pot of starbucks coffee brewing in the kitchen. later, i’m going to fire up the grill and inhale the smell of charcoal. it’s going to be awesome!

and did i mention that we managed to pay off dad’s car and we’re thrilled to death that we’re a whole car payment closer to being debt free? we still have a few things to pay off, but we’re getting there.

everything feels just right.

i’ve needed this. you’ve needed this. we’ve needed this.

most of the time, i hate school. i sit in my operatory feeling pressured to make time requirements and feeling inadequate while cleaning patients’ teeth. i know it’s a part of the process, but it sucks nonetheless. it puts me in a mood. add to that, i have to study a lot. i feel guilty for being so wrapped up in the school that i can’t focus all of my attention on you. i know it’s all going to be for the best, but it’s a struggle.

so i’m going to take advantage of every moment i have this week. we’re going to sleep in, make french toast, play games, build with legos, and stay in our pajamas as much as possible. we’ll hopefully also make it out to the park a time or two if it warms up a little.

i just want to be in the moment and appreciate the little things while i can this week.

like the fact that you’re laying on the bed right now, wearing a bike helmet for no apparent reason, and watching angelina ballerina. i don’t like this cartoon, but i like watching you like it.

what i’d like to not be noticing is your finger up your nose.

that’s gross, kid. gross.

love forever,



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