just letters

a summary and summer in the south

dear silly girl,

since so much has happened and i haven’t been on here, i’m going to give you a quick summary of how life has been for the past few months. here goes.

  • i changed my major. i’m no longer in dental hygiene. shocking, i know. everyone thinks i’m nuts, but i have a plan and resources. in 5 years, i’ll have my own office and i’ll never look back. i’m not going to say that my decision doesn’t scare the crap out of me because it does. but i’m taking the gamble that it’s gonna work out and if for some reason it doesn’t, i’ll come up with a moral and try to spin it into a lesson. but it may all just be bull.
  • we’re getting everything ready for you to start K-4 and preparing for the home visits that your teachers have to make which i think are super weird and pointless. why do they need to come over in K-4, but not K-5? like i’ve said before, i mostly want you in this program to ease you into school routines and being away from me. it’s not going to be easy.
  • did i mention that i drew up a 5 year plan? did i mention that i will be completely debt free minus my school loans by february? did i mention that i should get a trophy because dad hates sticking to my plans, but i am making him? did i mention that i am now the warden of all monetary things?
  • i started my accounting classes in june. i’ve learned a lot of cool stuff and a lot of stuff that i know i’ll never use. i’m taking all of my classes online which means i’m teaching myself everything. it gets boring. i miss kat and colleen telling me inappropriate stories. i miss having a bunch of girls to hang out with and talk to. i hope you end up knowing what you want to be after high school instead of 10 years after high school like me.
  • i can’t remember if i told you that gran fell in february and super-broke her ankle. she’s still in a wheel chair and still has to have help to get up. other than that, she’s doing much better. but now papa is starting to get dizzy and sick. i spent a whole day last week with him in the ER. i hope they’ll be okay. i don’t know what i would do without them.
  • you’ve started cussing again. i blame your father. thankfully, you blame him, too. the thing is, you slide them in so seamlessly that they are hard to catch. i’ve been fussing at dad that he’s gotta clean up his language. the first time i get a call from the school over you saying you don’t wanna see someone’s “ass,” i’m gonna be pissed.

i may have left something out, but i can’t think of what it is at this point. i can’t think of anything at this point! you wanna know why? because it is hotter than the hinges of hell down here! when you wake up in the morning and it’s already miserable outside, you know it’s for sure summer in the south. it’s so humid, i don’t even bother brushing my hair anymore. what’s the point? it’s just gonna stick out everywhere and curl up into it’s ugly squirrel’s nest as soon as i walk outside. the freaking july flies are so loud that it sounds like the whole earth is sizzling!

it’s so hot we can’t stop coming up with ways to describe it.

hotter than the hinges of hell.

hotter than blue blazes.

hot as balls out here.

i don’t even have balls and i know that much.

ugh. save me.

this is my life for the next 3 months at least.

hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.

but i should share that i have the best tan i have ever had. if i decide to color my hair one shade darker, i’m sure people will start speaking spanish to me again. which will be a nice change compared to people telling me how much i resemble snow white. it’s my personal opinion that she was the highest disney princess of all. i know i’m not whistling while i’m mopping and scrubbing dishes. maybe grumpy was right about that soup she was cooking after all.

i swear if one more sweat bee stings me, i’m gonna start strapping bug bombs to myself on something like an ammunition belt and just setting them off everywhere! i’m not even sweating!


someone bring me a watermelon or a cantaloupe or a bunch of tomatoes so i can remember the things i do like about living here.

and hurry.

love forever,



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