just letters

it’s been a while

dear silly girl,

i know, i know. i’m a terrible parent, blogger, writer, whatever because it’s been what seems like forever since i’ve written you. i know.

and i feel horrible about it. but the truth is, life has been busy.

in short, you started k-4. you did not cry on the first day or any day since. you love school! mostly because you were starving for friendship. before you started school, you would cry to go to the park because, and i quote, “mama, i just want a friend.”

{mental picture: mother on her knees, pulling the knife out of her heart}

your best friends are Cruz and Sunny Rose. Cruz is this cute little boy with blonde hair. Sunny Rose is a shy little girl with red hair. they’re both sweet as can be.

but Cruz is special. let me share some of our Cruz-related conversations.

i made a new friend today. his name is Cruz. he looked so cute in his gray shirt.

me and Cruz smiled at each other and made faces at each other while we were sitting on the rug.

i told Cruz i love him today. he told me i shouldn’t say that.

Cruz laid his head down on the table at lunch and i called him possum possum. everyone laughed.

Cruz wore an orange shirt today. he looked so cute.

before you started school, you were determined to stay away from boys at all cost. they were yucky, had cooties, and needed to be in any seat not beside you. now, a boy is the best person in your whole world. a boy is your best friend.


in other news, i am sitting in the living room of our new apartment. i couldn’t take the multi-family-in-the-same-unit life anymore. not for all the paid credit cards in the world.

i can’t tell you how nice it is to have all of our stuff back, to walk in the door and everything still be clean like it was when you left, to be able to sit in our living room and watch NCIS all by myself after you have gone to bed.

it’s freaking wonderful! it’s the little things you take for granted until you have to live differently and then notice every detail.

you have adjusted perfectly. you love having a space of your own with a bazillion toys to play with instead of what can fit in small box.

we’re all happy.

i mean, i have 6 projects and 5 classes this semester and i am so. very. sick. of school, but i’ll get it done.

did i mention that i’m taking my first tax class from a man who works for the irs and actually said {out loud} that taxes were his second love.


he said love, y’all. he loves taxes. what is this world coming to?

anyway, i love you and i’ll try to do better. you’re my best girl.

love forever,



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